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giraffe and thomson's gazelle

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Grant's Zebra


African Bush Elephants

  tiger   blue crane   wildebeest  

Bengal Tiger

Blue Crane


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Reticulated Giraffe




There is but one true safari,

where no animal is a hunter's prey;

where they are immortalized

through photography.

Besides my art, my true passion is that of the welfare of all animals.
I am a staunch advocate of many animal rights organizations and those dedicated to

caring for and helping animals in need. Since I was a teenager, I have been donating

to various organizations. I have been a supporter of the World Wildlife Fund ever

since I can remember. I also support the ASPCA, the Humane Society, the National

Wildlife Federation and most recently, the Best Friends Animal Society. It is my

fervent wish and dream that animals are treated with the same respect and consideration

as human beings. They are living creatures with distinct personalities and are quite

capable of displaying emotions and feelings. It is our duty and responsibilty to

watch over and care for them, ensuring that every animal be given the opportunity

to live a quality life free from abuse and unjust treatment. We are the guardians of

this planet and must protect the delicate balance among all living creatures.

Every living being must be accountable for their actions.


Please join me in this goal to create a harmonious world by
visitng, supporting and donating to the following organizations.