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key west at night

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  beach at the reach hotel   key west sunset 1   kayaks on water  

Beach at The Reach hotel

Key West Sunset 1

Kayaks on Water

  sunset key   key west lighthouse 1   twinkling twilight  

Sunset Key

Key West Lighthouse 1

Twinkling Twilight

  a balmy evening   cloud and blue water   just another beautiful sunset  

A Balmy Evening


Just Another
Beautiful Sunset

  key west lighthouse 2   Butterfly   evening2  

Key West Lighthouse 2


Tropical Oasis

  Sunset Key 3   ocean and beach   key west lighthouse 3  

An Island Alone

The Reach Hotel

Key West Lighthouse 3


A serene tropical paradise

just a hop, skip and a jump

off the US mainland.

Once you cross the first bridge into Key Largo, it's hard to believe you are still in the United States. For miles and miles before, you drive through flat swampy land, dotted with mangrove trees. The scenery blurs right by you as one monotnous scene of great big blue skies filled with white puffy clouds and lush green swamp. But then as you see that first bridge in the distance, your eyes feast upon the most crystal clear turqouise water your eyes have ever beheld. Who needs to fly over the great ocean blue to find a Carribean paradise when we have one in our own backyard. Granted, the white snady beaches lined with swaying palm trees are few and far between, but look hard enough and you will find these much sought after retreats. The last key on route US1, "the end," is none other than the famous Key West. In high school, I became a bit of an Ernest Heminway fan and my life would not have been complete if I had not at least once in my life visited the one time love and haunt of this famous author. One of my highlights of the trip was to visit his home which lay nestled in the rich and abundant tropical foliage of Key West, hiding in the shadow of the Key West lighthouse. I thought long and hard about how I could smuggle one of those poydactyl cats that have descended from one of his to my home over 2,000 miles away, but alas, even if I could have, I did not have the heart to take them away from such prisitne beauty. I took several hundred photos while down in the Keys, but have chosen to share a select few that I feel capture the flavor of the keys. It is a chain of islands infused with a braod spectrum of cultures. From Cuban, which lies just miles off the coast to Carribean to Southern to a variety of different walks of life. The Keys are truly and all around colorful place!