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kilkea castle

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  graveyard   adare   twelve bens  



Twelve Bens

  ardmore   celtic cross   kylemore abbey  


Celtic Cross

Kylemore Abbey

  blarney castle   mat the miller   glendalough  

Blarney Castle

Mat the Miller



From ancient Celts,

to Vikings and Normans...

to English domination and famine,

to an independent, free Irish state...

In a few words, Ireland is simply brimming with mystery, history, magic and rugged beauty.
For some reason, ever since I was young I have had a liking for anything Irish. I fell

in love with their pottery, china, crystal, sweaters, and jewelry first. From this began

a yearning to visit Ireland. I have always had a deep fascination with the medieval time

period...knights, castles, fashion and the daily life of men and women in that time. At

the first opportunity, I escaped to the enchanted green isle and was simply amazed. I had

always pictured Ireland as a country of rolling green hills over run with grazing sheep and

dotted with crumbling castles and ruins. And yes, I did find plenty of that. What I did not

expect was the sheer rugged and majestic beauty. I visited southern Ireland from east to west

and the further west I traveled, the more I was surrounded by mountains everywhere. I had no

idea Ireland had such a wild terrain. Each view was more breathtaking than the last. While there

my family and I lived as kings and queens, staying in one gorgeous castle after another. I have

tried to capture both the history; the fantastic topography; and the quaint, picturesque scenery

that encompasses Ireland.