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From travels near and far,

from everday moments

to the extraordinary moments...

It has been my passion to capture these timeless moments through photography.
My interest lies with landscape photography. The mind can only remember so much,

so I use my camera to immortalize moments that I wish to remember. For the past 22 years,

I have amassed a wide array of photos from my many travels both within the United States

and abroad. I began with a 35 millimeter Nikon that my dad bought when I was young

back in the 70s. For many years, that wonderful camera went everywhere with me.

Several years back, I purchased a digital SLR, the Nikon D70. It was love at

first shutter release. The lenses from my old 35 millimeter fit my new digital

(barring digital focusing...but I can live with that) and gone were the days

of taking countless shots, hoping to win at least 10 gorgeous shots from those.

In an instant, I was able to view how the camera lens caught the sights before me.

In minutes,they were uploaded and a whole new world of digital imaging was before me.


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